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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Camping/ Cherry hill.

The kids had so much fun Camping in the backyard last year they asked if they could go real camping this summer. We decided to go to Cherry Hill its only about 15 min away from our house and has a lot of fun stuff for the kids and adults.

Getting the tent all set up.

Roasting a hotdog on the grill.

My whole world in one photo.

They had this jungle maze the kids saw and had to do. it took awhile but it was really fun.

They even had fun photos you could take.

We played at the play ground.

And of coarse camping isn't complete with out a fire and smores.

watching the sun set.

Walking to the bathroom they held hand by them selfs!

This night we woke up about 1030  to strong wind and out tent trying to blow away. Travis and I took turns pushing the tent back up before moving the van behind the tent and tyeing it down about midnight. shortly after that the wind died down and we got a bit of sleep.

We went and buaght our king of the hill passes so we could do what ever we wanted for the rest of the day first we headed to the ball pit Korbyn was in heaven! It was kind of cold windy and rainy we were nervous we wouldn't get to play in the water but it cleared up and was the perfect day!

I was SOOOO proud of Erilyn she did so good she got all the way to the top on her first try!

snack/nap time!

riding the new slide Erilyn and Korbyn loved it! Enslie not so much!

The kids wouldn't go on the tube slide so Travis and I took turns.

That's an Enslie lady bug.

Throwing a fit!

Gramma Cornie  Grampa Mark,Tanisha and Tristen came to play mini golf with us.

We headed back to camp for dinner and asked Tanisha and Tristen to stay so we could go ride some slides together. It was a good 20 min to go spend some quality time together.

She ended up off her bed!!

Enslie is under that blue blanket.

Can you see the Enslie feet?

Helping deflate the air mattress.

Noticed this as we were packing up. It was scary to think that that could have been one of us!! This trip was perfect and much needed the kids had a blast and are already asking when we can go again.