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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Light the world.

A couple week ago we got a call from a young men's leader in Lindon Utah. They were doing a light the world project and some of the families they were originally going to do this for had dropped out, our names came up. I felt as though there families that certainty needed it more then we did and recommended a few other families  who deserved it more then us. They insisted that they come to us I reluctantly agreed. As we were waiting for them to come the kids got excited and were literally jumping every where ( I didn't tell them who was coming or what was going to happen honestly I wasn't sure what was going to happen any way he mainly talked to Travis). I'm running around the house making sure it stays some what clean. I hear a loud thud and Korbyn starts screaming his head off I run in pick him up off the floor and cuddle him for a few min he isn't calming down. So turn him to look at him and see what hurts and realize he has bloody nose! Now both of us are covered in blood I panick and ask Erilyn to go get some tp to help clean up I look at my Phone its a few min past when our guests were supposed to arrive and now we literally have blood everywhere! Erilyn walks in with a square of tp yes 1 square. I know that not go to even make a dent in it so we run to the bath room. Korbyn wont let me even touch his nose. So I start splashing cold water on his face ( with the many bloody noses I have had over the years I know this slows the blood down) It also helps clean up. I grab a wash cloth and get it wet and put it on the back of his neck. He is screaming bloody murder the whole time we finally get it to stop. I then realize that I'm covered in blood so I run down stairs to change and notice that it is now 15 min past when they were supposed to arrive. I grab Korbyn new clothes and run to change him. As I'm finishing up I think maybe we didn't hear the door and they just left everything on the porch or they came but the screaming scared them away. They pull up just as the kids open the door the kids squeal with excitement! " MOM MOM I THINK THEY ARE HERE!" " MOM THEY HAVE BIG PRESENTS ARE THEY FOR US?!" " MOM THERE ARE LOTS OF THEM! CAN WE LET THEM IN!?" I told them yes let them in!
There were about 15 of them all together. These teens were beamimg from ear to ear! They were almost more excited then my kids! They were carrying rather large presents and were so excited to say who the present they were holding was for. They put the presents under the tree and took turns asking each other questions. Then they sang jingle bells, up on the house top, and Rudolph With the kids. The spirit that these teens brought was so strong and seeing the light of Christmas not only thru my kids eyes but thru the eyes of these teens because of my kids was priceless and something I will never forget. I now know that it wasn't us that needed this great act of service. It was those teens and leaders that needed it and I'm so glad that my kids got to help with that. Aslo my kids got to see that complete strangers would travel an hour out of their way to come help them and brighten their day! I was fighting back tears the whole time and didn't get any pictures of them. I wish I had! As soon as they left  we had a birthday party to go to so we piled up in the car and went to that. As soon as we got home They were asking if they could open the presents, I said they could each open one and before I knew it they were all open!!

Posing with all the gifts.

Korbyn fell asleep during one of  the songs. All that screaming must have worn him out.

Enslie was so excited to get this ginormous unicorn stuffed animal.

They each got an outfit this is Erilyns.


They each also got a book this is one of the girls I didn't see wich belonged to wich.

Korbyn got blocks.

Erilyn got babies.

Enslies outfit.

The after math!
I'm again so grateful for this light the world service project and for the amazing teens so freely gave to my kids and taught them the true meaning of Christmas and that is to be Christ like and Give.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Giggles came back again this year. She wrote Hello with the books.

And hung from the light.

She decorated the tree with underwear and diapers.

And brought the kids new crayons.

She hung on the curtain rod and left some magic seeds for the kids to plant....

It said something like plant the seeds in powdered sugar and sprinkle with regular sugar blow lots of kisses and the candy canes will grow with the help of elf magic.

The first night they grew a bit.

The next day they were a bit bigger the kids got excited and added more sugar and blew more kisses.

This is what we found when we got home from getting Erilyn from school that same day!!

She put mustaches on all our pictures Erilyn cried because she thought they would ruin the pictures once she saw that it was ok she admitted that it was funny.

She brought a ginger bread reindeer barn.

The kids had fun building it but even more fun eating and destroying it.

She was thirsty on day.

And this morning she was caught with a hot coco packet.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

November random.

We got our carpets cleaned professionally for the first time I say totally worth it!!! It took the guy an hour to do 4 of them! Where as it would have taken us at least an hour to do half of a room! Smelled so much better to!

A Plant I had for 5 years suddenly decided to bloom it hasn't done it the whole time I have had it and smelled so good! It bloomed around 4pm each day and smelled like lilacs!

More carpet cleaning pictures this is before and after of the family room down stairs

He fell asleep on the way to Sam's and slept like this the whole time we shopped! luckily we didn't need much!

All the Halloween candy.

Enslie insisted she walk and the puppy get a ride in the stroller one day to go get Erilyn from school.

I picked up a friends kids from school one day for her. Erilyn fell in their drive way and skinned her knees pretty bad.

My friend got her all cleaned and bandaged up and a cookie helped her feel lots better.

We had to line up all our candy from trick or treating.

Opening their gifts from Hamma and Hampa for Halloween.

I'm not sure how the carpet picture got so out of order.... but this is a pic of Enslies room so gross!!

We took everything but the kids beds out of their rooms....

Korbyn made himself a little bed.

We took some blankets to the luandro mat.

we took daddies car and Korbyn got to ride forward facing for the first time. He thought it was so cool.

I left the kids alone for a few min to switch some laundry and the kids found my stash of pads and tampons. when I found them they were so excited that they found "baby diapers and magic wands". I lost my composer and laughed way to hard so I had to get a picture and told them that was not what they were and they could learn they are in a few years.

That same day they did this. That is wipes all over my dining room!!

Korbyn did help me "clean" it up.

Then he tried to get a fruit nag to fit on the garbage can.

Yes this Happened!! *eye roll!*

Eating the brownie crumbs. (I'm not sure why enslie doesn't have a shirt on sorry)

Erilyn was Excited to show me the ornament she made for the school tree.

This boy climbed UNDER the car one day!!

My sleeping beauty!!

Korbyn bit Erilyn.

Korbyn ate his cereal like a puppy one morning.