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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The " big day" Landis and Sarah get married.

All the cousins all dressed and ready to see the bride and groom. We surprised them with matching dresses for the nieces.

Korbyn was of coarse being a butt!

My beautiful baby girl.


This little beauty did this pose all by herself!!

Fixing the tie.

Caught this cute picture of Jared kissing baby Vivian .

Doing snow angels waiting to go outside.

Erilyns face when she saw them.

It was cold and rainy we bribed the kids with hot chocolate to take off their coats for pictures. I caught all the girls huddled under an umbrella.

Waiting for hot coco we just walked down to the Joseph Smith building.

This is the only picture I got of Sarah and Landis. Horrible I know.

Putting money in their paradise falls  fund.

Eating with cousins they had a soda bar and meatballs and ravioli. There was also fruit, crustinits and of coarse cake.

Enjoying his soda.

The kids had fun playing on the stage

I will post more pictures once we have them these are just the ones I took with my phone.

Sarah and Landis rehersal dinner.

Landis wanted to keep it low key and so we had a dinner at the church he got pie pizza and we had pies for dessert. It was fun to get to meet Sarahs family before the wedding.

We also had a salad bar.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Travis' allergy test.

FYI this post may be a little TMI!..... so readers beware!
Travis has always had stomach issues since he was a kid but for some reason it has gotten particularly bad the last 6 months. It got so bad that he lost about 20 lbs in that time period and was not trying to do so. He went to the doc to see if he could figure out what was wrong the doctor did a test for lactose intolerance and a few others to try to figure out what may causing all this in October. 
All tests were normal or negative. He tried cutting out milk but was still getting sick. I started to get worried that he may have the same auto-immune disease his mom had and begged him to get a colonoscopy and throat scope. He said that he wanted to go to his doc one more time and see if there were any other tests they could do, they decided to put him on ulcer medicine and see if that helped. He went to pick it up and they didn't have it on hand so they told him to back in a few days for it. He talked to his mom and told her about the medicine she called and talked to her doc and he said that there is no reason that they should put you on ulcer medicine with out confirmation of an ulcer. He finally agreed to get the tests done they said there was signs of irritation in his throat and intestines they took biopsies to test for about 5 different things celiacs, what his mom has, crones and colitis are the few I remember. They all came back negative so they referred him to an allergist to get some answers. And we finally after about 30 years of suffering and 6 months of it being really bad. Got some answers!! He is allergic to milk, (not lactose the other protein in milk) eggs, (more the yolk then the white) rice, and oranges. No wonder he was so sick that was like the main things we were eating! It has definitely been an adjustment trying to cut eggs and milk out of our diet ( rice has been easy as I'm not really a fan anyway). We are eating a lot of meat and veggies when daddy is home.  He has began to gain weight all ready and has a lot more energy. And I'm just glad he isn't suffering any more. Below are pics of the allergy test he had done he said it said itched so bad!! 

Discovery gateway.

Hamma and Hampa got  us connect passes for Christmas last year we finally got around to using for the first time and went down town with Hamma to go to discovery gateway the kids had a lot of fun!!

After discovery gateway we were starving we went to get on trax to go to city creek to go eat at the food court. it was super windy and cold and the trains were delayed so we went with plan b and went to California pizza kitchen Korbyn had fun playing with and eating salt while we were waiting for our food.

It was a fun time and we look forward to doing all the other things we can with the connect pass this spring.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Feb. Random.

Enslies got to go to a dance class with her friend Zoe it was super hero night. She loved the class and has asked to be signed up!

Any time I do the kids hair they ask for pictures.

It was really warm in the beginning of the month so we got slurpees and went to the park.

Korbyn found my stash of pads and was so proud to show me what he did with it.

Erilyn was so proud when she pulled her tooth out all by herself for the first time.

More hair pictures.

This is whole bag of powdered sugar all over the floor!

Atleast he helped clean it up!!

When the kids are sad I like to pull out my phone and try to make them laugh!

I found all of this in my sink one day not exactly sure who did it.

In a box.

I got in the car to run andc errand one day they key went in the ignition just fine but then wouldn't turn or come out! We ended up calling a neighbor who is a lock smith he came over and helped us get It fixed. Needless to say my key retired.

He insisted that he bring this scooter to get sister and fell asleep on it.

The things I find in my washer.....

We went down town with some friends after school one day. We cant go downtown with out some ice cream!!

Only my kids would eat an ice cream cone with a spoon!!

After play ground fun!!

We went to the dollar store with Hamma to spend their gift cards from her for their birthdays this is what Korbyn chose.

Some of Erilyns stuff she got.

Korbyn decided the fish might want to try milk.... he did this as we were leaving for church, so I didn't have time to do anything about it miraculously they survived!!

Sleepy boy!!

I chopped all my hair off!!....

Hes obsessed with the scooter lately.

Fell asleep eating popcorn one day.

Checking out the snow one morning.

I found this one day....

I got him all bundled up to go get Erilyn one day went potty and found this when I came out.

We threw a shower for Sarah....

Having fun with paint.