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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cross E ranch 2017

Playing with the duck slides.

They were so excited for the "bounce house"!

This slide is super fun!

I noticed this smaller slide so I took Korbyn to check it out he was so excited to do it but then he noticed something at the top....

He couldn't get down the slide fast enough to chase...

The chickens!

Once I pried him away from them we headed to the corn pit.

Can you spot the  Enslie toes?

They didn't want me to be left out so they buried me also.

The corn pit was so fun but I'm still finding corn every where!

We got lost in the corn maze.

And rode a hay ride.

Before freezing our butts off and heading home. I caught this beautiful pic of the sunset on the way home.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sept. random.

Flashing the neighborhood.

Sitting in the tree in our front yard he threw a fit when it was time to come down.

Sisters had to try to....

Showing off their church clothes.

He did this him self!!

He refuses to sit in the kid part of the cart so this happened when we hit a smiths sale.

The ones where he can see where he is going are ok I caught him resting his legs one day.

Aunt Shaless watched the kids one night so mommy and daddy could go to dinner. I snapped this picture of all the cousins before we left.

Sitting on his train table reading a book.

Handsome boy.

First time swinging on the big boy swing.

Sleepy boy he rarely will fall asleep in my arms any more so I had to document it.

A fun after school snack.

Had to get a pic of her hair one day.

The other 2 felt left out....

Korbyn loves target because of the big balls out front.

Found this one day.

Decorating for Halloween.

Getting rides on a box.

Fell asleep with a sucker in his mouth.

The jazz arena were Travis and I met got renovated so we went to check it out.

Erilyn insisted on pushing the stroller home from school one day she kept running into stuff.

She made this head band her self she was so proud.

Getting a drink from the stroller.

Some are Erilyn did at school it hangs in the hall by her class room.

chasing a squirrel.

Pretty sunset at daddys softball game.

Erilyn cut Enslies hair!

For our anniversary Travis got me a pedicure we decided to let the girls get one to. They liked it.

Big helper dragging some weed trees we cut down to the garbage.

Everyone swinging with daddy.